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fire flies to-and-fro

i am truly fascinated with the auto rickshaws that ply in the park circus-chandni chowk route. i don’t quite remember having ridden rickshaws on any other routes in this city where i have  suddenly been wrapped around in a dizzy hallucinogenic state of mind, before reaching my destination, be it chandni chowk, park circus or that state of reflexivity in which one tends to swim about, trying to find those vital clues to the puzzle called life.  although a brief ride, it has rarely failed to surprise me. besides, i love the route it traverses – i am very fond of elliot road, free school street, rafi ahmed kidwai road, and the numerous alleys and narrow lanes these autos invariably veer into at a blurry pace.  its a part of the city, i think , that still holds a lot of character owing to the confluence of various communities juxtaposed together in a cluster. and here, unlike most other parts of the city, life on the street is  more pronounced and cuts  open that thin line separating the private from the public. the music they play, mostly popular bollywood numbers, is played at their maximum volume, drowning all the other noises from the traffic outside. and music has become a vital feature of these autos, so much so that some passengers refuse to board them if they don’t have an audio player! as the evening progresses, the real beauty of the these autos come into play.  like fire flies they start glowing in red, green and blue hues owing to the paraphernalia of lighting fixtures installed in them, making them glow and buzz like it would in a disco from the seventies.

image copyright: Siddhartha Hajra 2010

perfectly ensconced between two conflicting emotions i have my back against this green wall.  and this dank room leaves me gasping. i want to wander about. but you drew me to this wall.  its textured roughness  nudge at my scalp. i look sideways and from the corner of my eye i catch a glimpse of your hand working away deftly, trying to bring me into life. i am only an image in your head now. soon i will manifest. wonder, if i will match up to your imagination then?