years back @ rajgir

years back @ rajgir

Less said the better.

Obsessed with life’s many drama…

One other obsession being traveling…mainly by local buses and sleeper class Indian trains through Indian ruralscape.

Staying in budget hotels. Bound to a rucksack. A guide book in hand. Unplanned destinations.

Also, sometimes if you happen to spot a mad cap lugging a camera around his shoulders in the streets of Calcutta, chances are it will be me.

Although I have been to many other places in India, this city is my oyster – or something like that.

This blog is intended to showcase some of my photographs.

No, it is not just about my photographs. It is perhaps about all the things surrounding me and everything that I feel about the things that occupy my head. It has the appearance of a photo blog. But of late I have felt it’s not really so. Sometimes I just post something – a photograph – just like that.

The fact that I am a very lazy person will mean I won’t be very regular in posting on this site. But I do hope to keep this page interesting for the viewer’s, or so I would like to believe.



P.S: All photographs published on this site are Copyrighted Works. Please do not (mis)use them. I urge you to abide by this principle. Thank you. 🙂

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