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If you and I want to live in this city, if you and I do not want to be ‘advised’ that it is safer to leave the city, then you and I must toe the line of fundamentalist forces. Its better that you and I toe the line otherwise someone will lose out on a few important votes to bask in power. You and I should have known better that it ain’t a free world. You and I must have been mistaken to even think that we ever lived in one. I mean how could we even think that way? No, we shouldn’t even half expect to live in a free world. You and I must learn to accept fundamentalism. After all this ‘–ism’ claims to know what’s right and what’s wrong for you and I . We must learn to accept the mongrel characters that our city recently saw on the streets burning buses, cars and harassing school children. We must submit to the whims and fancies of minority vote bank politics. You and I must get used to the thick haze of smoke hovering over the streets of Calcutta. You and I must make space for these mongrels to assert their ‘monochrome self hood.’ Sigh!

Jodhpur Park Petrol Pump

On my way back from a friends place in Salimpur.

It had rained the whole afternoon and puddles were mirroring inverted images of everything they could mirror…perfect time to take out my camera I thought…