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road from hubli to panjim

the view from the bus of the road ahead that was taking me to panjim..still somewhere in karnataka when this was taken..


on goa’s NH4A…the bus slowly making its way to panjim city…


an alley in panjim, on 31st january road…it led to the church of our lady of immaculate conception….

our lady of immaculate conception

panjim, band performing in front of the church of our lady of immaculate conception..

Morning at Mandovi

early morning, boats parked on mandovi river…and the new promenade laid out in 2004 for the first international film festival held in panjim, goa…

Se Cathedral, Old Goa.

the se cathedral church in the background…on 3rd january, which happens to be the feast of st. francis xavier….all goan people are in the mood for picnic during this time….

Rain trees

the rain trees that shelter most of old goan churches and the roads leading to them..

Vasco Fisherman’s House

vasco, clothes drying outside a fisherman’s house..

Unnamed beach in Vasco.

an unnamed beach in vasco of the size of a footbal field which you can access after climbing down from a japanese garden…only locals know about foreign invasion here yet…

Miramar Afternoon

miramar beach, the closest beach (3kms) from panjim…

Friday Market at Mapusa

friday market at mapusa…

Lost tradesman..

he comes to mapusa market on fridays to sell his wares …lives close to the goa-karnataka border…met him in an eatery …maybe he was lost somewhere in his thoughts..or something…

Friday market, Mapusa.

spices for sale in friday market, mapusa..

© 2007 Siddhartha Hajra


..and feel the breeze running through my hair…

…to fixedly stare into the changing landscape…

…to watch the lone farmer in his lush green fields ’til he flickers into a tiny dot …

…to get lured into the visual hypnosis of blurry rail lines merging and winding into strange geometrics…

..above all to embrace the unknown..