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k, his sister and father.

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K’s story:

i have two older sisters. one was married and the other worked. our father worked in the writers’ building and also had business. i studied till class VII, but i had a problem with concentration. i used to wander about all the time and when my family came to look for me, i hid behind the bushes. they understood that i had some kind of a mental problem and i was treated at the m f as an outdoor patient. for some time, my condition seemed to improve, but then the problem started again. finally, i was admitted to the hospital.
i was very disturbed, hardly communicated with any people and wanted to be left alone. i hated people around me. with therapy, i learned to share my thoughts and feelings and interacted with others. i loved singing and painting. soon, i was ready to go home. i returned home in aug 2… i now help my father with his business.

– transcription:  paramita banerjee